Reinforcement Learning for Robotics  (Lecture with Project)

LecturerAlejandro Agostini
Allocation to curriculumSee TUMonline
Offered inWintersemester 2019/20
Semester weekly hours4  
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The course will cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to reinforcement learning (RL): Markov decision process, dynamic programming, Q-learning, SARSA, Actor-Critic, policy-based RL, value-based RL.

2. Reinforcement learning in continuous state-action spaces. Function approximation problem.

3. Reinforcement learning for robotics: mission and problems. Optimal control. Biased sampling, risk of damage, ware-out problem.

4. Model-free reinforcement learning (GMMRL, PI2).

5. Model-based reinforcement learning (PILCO, PI-REM).

6. Approaches combining nonlinear optimal control (ILQR, MPC) and reinforcement learning.

7. Introduction to deep reinforcement learning (end-to-end approaches).

Previous Knowledge Expected

Fundamentals of Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Programming skills in Matlab/SImulink


At the end of this course, students are able to:

- Implement machine learning algorithms for robots and autonomous systems.

- Evaluate the performance of reinforcement learning algorithms.